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I'm author of:

I've also written for a variety of newspapers and magazines including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and my articles have been translated into French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, and Spanish and appeared in dozens of publications.

I'm one of the few people in the world to have been surgically implanted with an RFID chip, which I'm using to experiment with technical issues such as authentication techniques and exploits as well as philosophical issues related to privacy and identity.

I have also appeared on top-rated television shows including Insight on SBS, Sunrise with Kochie and Mel, on The 7pm Project on Channel 10, been the butt of Paul McDermott's jokes on Good News Week, and done dozens of radio interviews in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

In late 2012 and early 2013 I designed the ArduSat Payload Processor Module, which was the main payload for the first ArduSat experimental satellites. This module was integrated into satellites ArduSat-X and ArduSat-1, which were taken to the International Space Station by JAXA (the Japanese space agency) aboard the HTV-4 resupply mission in August 2013. They were released into their own orbits on 19 November 2013 before re-entering the atmosphere on 15 April 2014. During their time in orbit time they executed a wide variety of experiments using dozens of sensors attached to each satellite.

I'm Founder and Director of Internet Vision Technologies. Beginning life in 1994 as Mission Internet, IVT was one of the first businesses in the world to focus on managing dynamic website content using databases. It was also one of the first companies ever to do real-time event coverage via the Internet when I ran a live feed from the floor of the national Bicycle Industry Trade Show in Sydney, Australia in 1995. IVT has since developed hundreds of websites, intranets, extranets and custom web applications for clients ranging from backyard businesses to multinational corporations. In 2017 Internet Vision Technologies was acquired by Advanced Solutions International.

I'm also Founder and Director of Freetronics, a company that designs and manufactures Open Source hardware for the hobbyist, professional, and education markets. Freetronics has supplied equipment to tens of thousands of customers all over the world, including the Australian Department of Defence, Boston Dynamics, Google, and Weta Digital. Its products are carried in retail stores and online resellers all around the world.

My YouTube channel, SuperHouseTV, covers DIY home automation projects. My objective is to hack my house and surrounding physical environment to give myself Jedi-like powers through the use of technology!

I have been a Debian GNU/Linux developer since 2002, and have convened the Debian Miniconf in a different city every year since 2003. I have presented nearly 100 conference papers, tutorials, and keynotes on various technology and business topics at both corporate and government seminars and at conferences around the world including OSCON, LinuxTag,, Open Source Developers Conference, and Debian Miniconf, and at usergroups including Melbourne PHP User Group (of which I am a past committee member) and Linux Users Victoria.

I previously sat on the Advisory Group of Swinburne University's Centre for Collaborative Business Innovation, responsible for researching and formulating IT-related post-graduate curriculum strategies, and on the Australian Federal government's e-Research Coordinating Committee Reference Group. I also spent three years as President of Linux Australia, the national organisation for Linux users and developers and one of the largest Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) organisations in the world.

In late 2008 I was Technical Supervisor for The Phone, a reality-TV show produced by Beyond Productions for Fox-8. I designed and built custom gadgets (both hardware and software) used by show contestants during each episode.

After many years being far too sedentary while building various businesses, I've recently got back into sport as a late starter in the martial art Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Extreme Mixed Martial Arts.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, daughter and son.

You can contact me via: