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The REST Design Paradigm

Thu, Jan 12th 2006: Melbourne, Australia: phpMelb

The REST (REpresentational State Transfer) design paradigm is a way of thinking about web application design to make deployment of web services more logical. There's no "reference implementation": rather it's about constructing web services that provide a consistent and predictable API using the standard GET, POST, UPDATE and DELETE operations in HTTP. This API is then used to control the "state" of the client and server, so the designer has to think about their application as a kind of state machine.

This talk was delivered impromptu to the Melbourne PHP User Group because Laura Thomson got sick and had to bail at the last minute, so I turned up at the meeting totally unaware that I was going to do a talk. I pulled down someone's slides from a talk about REST and basically just made it up as I went along, so hopefully it made sense!