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Large Scale Webapps: Devteam Infrastructure

Mon, Dec 19th 2005: Melbourne, Australia: Open Source Developers Conf

PHP, Perl and Python are all now being used for some very large-scale projects involving many developers collaborating on common codebases. While this is a common scenario for developers working in other languages such as C, P[HP|erl|ython] developers often have less experience working as part of a development team and using a supporting infrastructure. This tutorial examines some of the software engineering practices relating to managing or working within a team on a medium to large project, and briefly covers topics such as automatically generating internal documentation, managing a codebase using revision control systems such as Subversion, and using a bug tracking system. It then examines in detail the way these tools have been tied together to create a semi-automated development infrastructure for the SiteBuilder project, where a team of developers collaborate on a CMS codebase currently consisting of over 600,000 lines of PHP plus small quantities of Perl and C.