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Geek My Ride

Fri, Jan 23rd 2009: Hobart, Australia:

(Joint presentation with Jared "Flame" Herbohn)

Modern cars pack more processing power in their in-car entertainment system alone than the space shuttle does in its entire flight management system, and some of the things recent cars can do are pretty nifty. But what happens when a pair of open-source hackers apply their skills to a Mazda RX-8 and a Nissan 300ZX, retrofitting Linux-based onboard systems to extend the cars' capabilities? This presentation explores some of the challenges involved in connecting open-source hardware and software to existing vehicle electronics to provide full-time internet connectivity; in-car video conferencing; remote vehicle management, diagnostics, and reporting; touchscreen-driven MythTV-based in-car entertainment; wifi and 3G integration with the owner's home automation system; remote start; and other features including a few special surprises that won't be revealed until the presentation.

Both cars will be brought to the conference so attendees can see them in person.