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I'm available for comment or interview on issues relating to Linux, Open Source, and eBusiness, and you can access a brief bio online. More background information is available on request. Media inquiries should be directed to, or for urgent stories I can be contacted on 04 3851 6600 (within Australia) or +61 4 3851 6600 (international) but please keep in mind that my timezone is GMT +1000 (Melbourne time).

Radio / Podcast Interviews

"Managing Software Packages With Synaptic"
Byte Into It segment on RRR, December 03 2003: [Download MP3 (5.2MB, 11 min 17 sec)]

"OSDC, phpMelb, Hiring A Web Developer, Running Debian, and Microsoft's Sender-ID Proposal"
Byte Into It segment on RRR, September 07 2004: [MP3 coming soon]

"The Linux trademark and the future of Linux Australia"
Linux Australia podcast #1(?), August 06 2005: [download]

"The Nexenta project"
Linux Australia podcast #9, November 2005: [download]

Press Interviews / Coverage

"Debian Developer Takes Linux Top Job"
LinuxWorld, January 25 2005: [Read online]
ComputerWorld, January 25 2005: [Read online]

"Debian Developer To Head Linux Australia"
The Age, January 25 2005: [Read online]
Sydney Morning Herald, January 25 2005: [Read online]

"Firefox Opening Door For Linux In Australia: Linux Australia President"
ZDNet Australia, January 09 2005: [Read online]

"Linux Australia Promotes A Blogging Planet"
LinuxWorld, February 10 2005: [Read online]

"Aussie Linux body faces growing pains"
ZDNet, July 4 2005: [Read online]

"What next Linux Australia?"
ZDNet, July 5 2005: [Read online]

"Is Bigger Better For Linux Australia?"
LinuxWorld, July 7 2005: [Read online]

"SBS Tunes Into Linux"
LinuxWorld, July 8 2005: [Read online]
CIO, July 7 2005: [Read online]

"Suspicions fade over Linux trademark move"
ZDNet, August 4 2005: [Read online]

"Linux trademark protection comes at a cost for some"
The Age, August 16 2005: [Read online]
Sydney Morning Herald, August 16 2005: [Read online]

"Linus backs trademark charge, says 'Maddog'"
The Age, August 19 2005: [Read online]
Sydney Morning Herald, August 19 2005: [Read online]

"Day for software freedom"
The Age, August 22 2005: [Read online]
Sydney Morning Herald, August 22 2005: [Read online]

"Tax office Linux trial offline"
The Age, November 11 2005: [Read online]
Sydney Morning Herald, August 22 2005: [Read online]

"Banks choose Windows over Linux"
Computerworld, November 21 2005: [Read online]

"End near for Mac version of IE"
The Age, December 19th 2005: [Read online]
Sydney Morning Herald, December 19 2005: [Read online]

"Kiwi Linux gets lift from Aussie conference"
Computerworld, January 30th 2006: [Read online]

"Oxer, Waugh retain Linux Australia spots"
ZDNet Australia, January 30th 2006: [Read online]

"Linux Australia addresses burnout syndrome"
ZDNet Australia, February 6th 2006: [Read online]

"Linux Form For Dunedin"
Otago Daily Times, January 24th 2006

"The Top Team At"
Otago Daily Times, January 25th 2006

"Open Source Has Role In Software Control"
Otago Daily Times, January 28th 2006

"Collaboration Pushes Free Software Forward"
Otago Daily Times, January 30th 2006