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>> Amex sucks even harder

Wed, Aug 23rd 5:27pm 2006: Bad People

After my previous bad experience of Amex suspending my card while I was trying to pay for my travel to OSCON I got a bit paranoid about it, so after they reactivated the card I paid an extra $1000 onto it even though the next bill hadn't even been sent to me yet. AFAIK it's not possible to have a positive account balance on Amex: you spend the money, they send you a statement, and you have a month to pay it. But I didn't want to end up in the US desperately needing the card only to find out they'd sent out a statement while I was gone and suspended the card again, so the extra grand was a show of good faith that the next bill would be paid. So what happens? In the US I arrive at the hotel in Portland, try to pay on Amex, and it's declined. Again. *After* I've sent them an extra $1k. *Before* the next statement is due. I think I've set a new record. Not only have I had an Amex card suspended when my account was fully paid up, but I've now had one suspended after I had paid them more than they'd asked me for. My reaction last time was "screw you, Amex". That doesn't even start to cover it this time.

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