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>> Jondo the Mandroid is RFID enabled

Sun, Mar 26th 9:08pm 2006: Tech Toys Jondo the Mandroid is RFID enabled

Many years ago a good friend of mine, Age, started calling me Jondo the Mandroid, presumably because I kept talking about a future that included things like body mods to improve memory, augmented reality systems that splice into the optic nerve to provide a real-world HUD overlay (like the funky stuff that Wayne Piekarski does, but implanted) and other crazy things that I'm still convinced are coming but not soon enough for me.

It's taken a decade to live up to Age's joking nickname but at last I can honestly say I'm part cyborg. Maybe only about 0.00000002%, but still, it's a start.

I've got a very dark video of the procedure which I'll try to clean up and post soon, but in the meantime click through to the story for a photo taken about 20 seconds after the procedure. Warning: story contains a picture of the aftermath of a self-performed medical procedure!

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