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>> Amelia the schoolgirl (almost!)

Sun, Jul 10th 8:02pm 2005: Family

Fantastic news: we just received a letter offering Amelia a place in prep next year at a school not too far from here. This particular school is really hard to get into (waiting lists years in advance, and very few places available unless you're a sibling of a student or child of an ex-student) so it's a relief that she got in. She did really well at the interview: communicated well, did very well at the numeracy and literacy tests, and just generally seemed way too old to be only 4 and a bit years old :-0

She can't wait to go to school, she keeps talking about how she'll be allowed to go after she turns 5. What really gets to her though is that they have a place called a 'library', where they have walls full of books and she can borrow any book she likes, and then when she takes them back she can borrow even more! Heaven for her. It's so cool looking at the world through the joyful eyes of a child, seeing how amazing some things are that as adults we take for granted.

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