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Mon, Jun 13th 9:20am 2005: Misc

Sleep deprivation can be so debilitating. I feel so bone-tired I can't think straight, sometimes have trouble walking in a straight line, and am probably even more conversationally incoherent than normal.

I don't mean just having a few late nights: I mean long-term lack of sleep and, even more than that, *interrupted* sleep.

A few years ago just before and when Mission Internet became Internet Vision Technologies I went through a period of about 2 and a half years when I worked an average of 100 to 120 hours per week, 52 weeks / year. If you do the math that doesn't leave much time for sleeping.

But even that doesn't compare with how I feel now. Maybe it's because I was younger and could handle it better, but I think it's also about sleep interruption not just duration. Last night was a classic example: I probably had about 6 hours sleep altogether, which is a reasonable amount, but it was broken up into little blocks with the longest being maybe 90 minutes. Thomas just wouldn't stay asleep, and to make it even worse his nappy leaked and wet his bed not once, not twice, but thrice: which meant stripping off his clothes, stripping off his cot ("crib" for you Americans!), finding clean/dry bedding, making up his bed again, and getting him back to sleep. Then Ann and I going back to sleep ourselves. Then being woken again an hour later and doing it all over again. Then again another hour after that. Arrrrg!

It's not like we're putting the nappies on wrong, either. After something like that happens you're *really* careful next time you put on a nappy! Doesn't matter what we do though, his bed still ends up wet.

After ten months of highly interrupted sleep it all starts to add up.

Sigh. Long, uninterrupted sleep would be *sooo* nice. Maybe then the dancing black spots in my eyes would go away and I'd stop hearing the voices.

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