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Blog > Out-geeked by Mike Beattie? No way!

>> Out-geeked by Mike Beattie? No way!

Wed, May 11th 9:44am 2005: Tech Toys Out-geeked by Mike Beattie? No way!

So, Mike Beattie is chuffed about his funky new triple-head setup, eh? Sorry to say it Mike, but that's actually the standard arrangement here at IVT! Pretty much everybody has a triple-head system, although of course I had to go just a little bit further and have a quad-head setup ;-0 Leaving aside the general messiness for a moment, what you're looking at is three monitors connected to a box under my desk using a dual-port Nvidia card (with both ports used in a TwinView configuration) and a triple-port Radeon card (only using one port at the moment). The two right hand monitors are treated as a single virtual monitor by TwinView, and that is in turn linked to the left hand monitor using Xinerama. OK, sounds reasonable enough up to this point, but this is when things get just plain weird. The desktop you see on those three heads is *not* on the machine under the desk: it's actually an XDMCP session to the laptop you see on the left! That means I can log out, shut down the laptop, and take it away and still have the exact same environment as if I was sitting at my desk (sans some screen real estate, unfortunately). The box under the desk is basically just acting as a thin client for the laptop. But it doesn't stop there. I'm also logged into the laptop (as a different user, to allow multiple GNOME sessions to operate) and then the keyboard and mouse from the desk machine are shared back to the laptop using x2x, giving me direct access to 4 monitors. I can't drag windows to/from the laptop screen of course, but copy/paste works so it's not too much of a limitation. Hmm, maybe if I counted the Palm screen which displays my tasks / calendar from Evolution I could claim it as a pentuple-head setup ;-)

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