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Blog > Walktime blog #25: The episode about nothing

>> Walktime blog #25: The episode about nothing

Wed, Apr 11th 10:54pm 2012: Walktime

I haven't had much walktime recently, so not many walktime blogs. However, I have been working on creating some videos for SuperHouseTV relating to home automation using Arduino and other Open Source hardware and software, so I'll start uploading those soon and updating the content on These video blogs will probably switch over to a personal account soon.

Also, my wife and daughter have been giving me a hard time about going around wearing a Freetronics shirt hoping someone will recognise it. So I'm upping the ante, and offering a prize: if a random person meets me in the street, recognises the Freetronics logo, and says hello, I'll give them a free LeoStick (Arduino-compatible board).

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