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>> Hello Popular Science Readers!

Sat, Apr 17th 1:18pm 2010: Geek My Ride

I haven't seen the whole article but it looks like the story about my car modifications has appeared in Popular Science. If you're not in Australia this link may work for you: Unfortunately because the PopSci site does stupid location-based redirection to region-specific sites that link doesn't work for me: it just redirects me to the Australian PopSci site, which then 404s. Dumb, PopSci, dumb. The only way I can see the story is by using a US-based proxy to trick their server into showing me the US version of the site. This link worked for me: PopSci story about my RX-8. Anyway, enough ranting. If you've ended up here after seeing the story in PopSci you'll find a lot more info about the car here, including some videos: Jon Oxer's RX-8 on Geek My Ride

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