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Blog > Hardware for Practical Arduino now at Freetronics

>> Hardware for Practical Arduino now at Freetronics

Sat, Apr 17th 8:37am 2010: Practical Arduino

I'm still stunned at how well Practical Arduino has been selling. I just got my first royalty statement for the period ended Dec 2009, and it showed nearly 2000 copies sold in that period - for a book published on December 23rd! That means presales plus about 7 days of actual sales (interrupted by Christmas) together accounted for as many copies as were expected to be sold in the first few months. The entire first print run sold out in weeks, a second print run was hastily done and that's nearly sold out as well. The third print run is just about to begin, only 4 months after it first hit the shelves. Anyway, enough self-congratulation. I just think it's cool. And the point of this post wasn't to talk about stats, it was to mention that you can now buy hardware related to the book from a few places, including Freetronics. Check it out:

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