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Blog > A netbook is not a laptop substitute!

>> A netbook is not a laptop substitute!

Wed, Nov 4th 11:46am 2009: Tech Toys

A while ago my 15.4" laptop (Celeron 1.5GHz, fairly basic machine) died after a number of years of faithful service. I'd been wanting a netbook for a while and it seemed some were getting to the point of being fast enough to do everything a laptop can do, but in a smaller package. So I ended up with an HP2133. VIA 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 120GB disk, very nice keyboard, 1280x768 display, and all the usual stuff like WiFi and Bluetooth. As a netbook goes it's pretty sweet other than problems with sleep and a pathetic 3-cell battery that lasts about an hour. As a laptop-replacement it's been a nightmare. I spend hours every night working from the couch in front of the TV and I figured a netbook with decent resolution would work nicely. Boy was I wrong. For occasional use in emergency situations, or for having a laptop handy while travelling without taking up much space: perfect. Sitting on the couch for 5 hours peering at an 8.9", 1280x768 screen (that's something above 160dpi resolution, folks) leaves me with a headache, a sore back, a sore neck, and my wife telling me that I'll end up permanently crippled. I still like the HP2133 as a *netbook*, but I've come to the conclusion that netbooks are not just small laptops, they're something entirely different and are for a different purpose. So last night I fished out an old Dell Inspiron (an 8200, I think) that had been put on the "too old to bother using" junk pile at IVT and loaded up Ubuntu on it. The battery is stuffed, the hinges flop around, it has no WiFi or Bluetooth, and it sounds like a jet engine but ahhh, the bliss of a 15" screen!

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