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>> Water flow gauge project update

Sun, Sep 13th 8:57pm 2009: Practical Arduino

Originally posted on Practical Arduino

I "finished" the first draft of the water flow gauge project quite a while ago but I was never really satisfied with it. It's quite an important project in the book because it's used to demonstrate some critical concepts such as interrupts, but as a project it wasn't really that useful. It only reported values via the serial port so it needed a host connected to do anything, and it just didn't quite feel like it added enough value to the book.

Over the last two days I've gone back and redone the project almost from scratch, leaving in place the original information about interrupts but expanding the project to include an LCD and buttons to allow it to be used as a stand-alone device.

In its new form it feels much more like a complete project. The LiquidCrystal library was something I really wanted to cover in the book but it hadn't fitted into the other projects that made the final cut, so re-jigging this project gave me the perfect excuse to demonstrate it.

And the final device fitted together so beautifully into the clear-fronted weatherproof case with splashproof pushbuttons that it almost feels like a work of art, even down to the exposed colorful PCB and wiring: something that I can feel proud to show people and tell them I built it.

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