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>> Oscilloscope hardware all done

Sat, Aug 29th 5:57pm 2009: Practical Arduino

Originally posted on Practical Arduino The hardware came together quite nicely, but the software side of this project is giving me a surprising amount of trouble. The pic below shows it connected to the serial data line on an RFID shield mounted on a Mega: Hardware works just fine, but the problem is that my computer at home is an original eeeBox with a totally underpowered VIA CPU, and when I have Processing (which is Java based, so ridiculously overweight) on the host trying to process a data stream being thrown at it at 115,200bps it keeps freaking out and becoming unresponsive. Most of the time the serial port won't even come back, which means I've been rebooting the machine about every 10 minutes. It's driving me nuts so I've just taken some time off to play with a Seeed Studio pan / tilt servo mount which I'm controlling with a Sparkfun analog joystick and breakout board. At least *that* worked first time!

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