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Tue, Jan 16th 10:59pm 2001: PHP Xdebug

There's a "LAMP Stand" (hehe) at LinuxTag, with a bunch of LAMP-related companies exhibiting and a little presentation area where people can do talks. Derrick Rethans did a talk an Xdebug, which was really interesting given my experience with APD (for which I'm the Debian package maintainer, have written about for Linux Journal, and which I use in all my PHP Performance Profiling talks). Derrick's one of the core PHP team and he's got great knowledge of what really happens when PHP is being executed. Derrick and I are staying at the same hotel with all the other PHP presenters and we had a little chat about what would be involved with getting Xdebug into Debian. I showed him some basics of how to create a .deb package, so maybe sometime soon we'll be able to "apt-get install xdebug" :-)

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