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>> Raising money for cancer research

Mon, Jul 13th 10:35am 2009: Friends

A little while ago a close family friend was diagnosed with cancer in his lungs and kidneys. Not a great thing to be told while still recovering from open heart surgery! He's since been going through a nasty series of chemotherapy treatments that have really knocked him around, and it's been a very hard time both for him and his family including his three young children. As a result I've decided to do my own personal "Greatest Shave" to raise funds for cancer research and give him some moral support now that he's lost his previously very long hair. If you're willing to pledge funds (even just a few dollars) to a group such as the Australian Cancer Research Foundation or the Cancer Council Victoria in exchange for me shaving my head please let me know. I've already had a few pledges, but the more the merrier. As of a few minutes ago I looked like this:
Curious to see what I look like with a mirrordome? We're going to find out just a little sooner than nature intended! I won't be collecting funds personally, just asking that people take this opportunity to think about making a donation directly to an appropriate charity such as one of those mentioned above and (if you want to) let me know you've done so. The direct links to donation pages for those two groups are: Donate to Cancer Council of Victoria Donate to Australian Cancer Research Foundation Thanks!

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