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Tue, Jan 16th 10:59pm 2001: PHP Back to basics for the web

Rasmus gave another excellent talk on PHP, this time titled "Back to basics for the web". I've seen him do a lot of presentations and he always seems like he's so relaxed he's about to fall asleep at the microphone, but he also manages to fit a huge amount of information into his talks.

His back to basics talk was essentially to say that solving the web problem isn't hard, and that most people try to overcomplicate it. He then went on to talk about how to keep things simple even when things start to become complex.

What really got my attention was his to-the-point discussion about multi-tiered application architectures, giving specific examples from the way Yahoo! structures their apps. Very cool stuff. It's something I've been thinking about for a while as the SiteBuilder codebase keeps growing (currently approaching 300,000 lines of PHP), so when I get back I think I'll have a chat to the guys about it.

Another thing that Rasmus seems to keep doing is pre-empting my talks on PHP performance profiling: this is the second time now that I've been scheduled to talk at a conference just after Rasmus, and had him talk about it in his presentation. Doh!

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