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>> OpenCV for the MythTV win!

Wed, Apr 8th 8:35pm 2009: Tech Toys

At the MythTV Miniconf at LCA2009 this year I did a brief talk about my lame attempts to build a presence-awareness system for MythTV: I want my TV to know when I'm watching it, and if I walk out of the room it should pause until I walk back in. And if I walk into a different room with a TV in it, the program I was watching in the first room should follow me and resume playing from the place it paused itself. Another example of my general "the best UI is no UI" philosophy. I want the world to automatically do the right thing around me in reaction to whatever I'm doing, I don't want to have to control things manually. So anyway, my proof-of-concept used an IR beacon and worked but was kinda sucky. During the talk I said I'd prefer to be running face recognition but hadn't got that far yet, and Bob Edwards piped up with the suggestion that I should look at OpenCV. Well, Bob was right. OpenCV is teh awesome! This is the result of running the facedetect example using the camera in my laptop under the worst possible conditions: low light, side-illumination, and reflective glasses. The red circle is facedetect's overlay showing where it believes it has found a face: Even in those bad conditions it managed to track my face quite accurately as I moved around. Neat! Now to hook this up as an input to my mythpresence code and conceal a camera in the top of the TV bezel...

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