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Wed, Mar 4th 12:08pm 2009: Writing

When my first book was published in 2004 I made it available both as a printed edition and as a free PDF download, hoping that the PDF would be forwarded on by people and act as exposure for the book and in turn leading to more sales of the hard copy. I was wrong. And of course that meant my wife got to say "I told you so". The PDF was downloaded from the main book site something in the order of 10,000 times but that didn't seem to lead directly to many hard copy sales. It did sell OK, but mostly through bookstores specialising in business-oriented books and those sales didn't seem to have any particular correlation to its popularity as an e-book. So when the Second Edition came out I didn't make it available as an e-book at all, only as a hard copy. The first edition is still available for download and many people do, but the only way to buy the second edition has been to pay US$19.95 (plus shipping) for the printed version. Last night I noticed Wil Wheaton has been having great success with putting a couple of his books online as purchasable PDFs and it prompted me to give it another try, this time charging money for the PDF instead of just giving it away. So now, for your e-reading pleasure, you can now buy PDF versions of two of my books through Lulu: How To Build A Website And Stay Sane (Second Edition) Quickstart Guide to Google AdWords And so the great experiment of life continues.

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