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>> Massive web growth

Wed, Feb 25th 8:33am 2009: Web Development

The February Netcraft Web Server Survey just came out, and the figures are rather dumbfounding. Netcraft perform an automated survey each month in an attempt to create a definitive list of every single website in existence, and along the way they collect a bunch of data about what is the most popular web server software, how many sites use SSL certificates, all that sort of thing. The Feb survey shows a big spike due to the addition of about 20 million sites hosted by QZHTTP, a big Chinese hosting provider. Added to the more "normal" growth of the web that means there were 30 million new websites added between January and February this year! That's a million new sites per day. Or 41,000 sites per hour. Or 700 sites per minute. 12 sites per second! Pretty crazy. Even if you remove the unusual spike caused by QZHTTP it's still amazing growth: nearly 14,000 new sites created every hour, not counting the massive growth in China. I don't think the web has quite run out of steam yet.

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