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>> Arduino book in the works

Fri, Feb 13th 10:29am 2009: Writing

Well, after going through the whole process of working up a plan for a second edition of Ubuntu Hacks and lining up all the contributors it was given the axe by O'Reilly. That sucks, because I was looking forward to doing an update. I've had lots of people ask me when the next edition would be coming out so it's disappointing to tell them it's not going to happen after all, despite the first edition being O'Reilly's biggest selling Linux book. But then just after LCA I received an inquiry from APress totally out of the blue, asking if I'd like to write a book about Arduino projects. Hmmm, let me think. (3.14159 milliseconds pass) YES! Pick me! Pick me! I'm working on dragging Hugh into the adventure and it should be a blast. The general plan is to target a medium to advanced audience with a broad range of projects demonstrating as many techniques as possible, so there's probably going to be stuff about home automation, virtual reality integration, automotive projects, kinetic art, wearable computing, robotics, remote control vehicles, custom Arduino boards, and anything else we can think of. This is going to be *so* much fun!

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