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>> Yes, I'm still alive

Mon, Feb 2nd 9:40am 2009: Linux

I seem to go silent on blogging exactly when there is the most happening, which I suppose is pretty understandable. I'm just back from two weeks in Tasmania, first for 2009, then for a week of holidaying with my family. That meant a week of forced absence from teh interwebs because my mobile broadband provider (Three) has exactly zero coverage in Tasmania, and although Melissa Draper was kind enough to lend me her Soul/Optus 3G dongle for the week it seemed to want a password and wouldn't let me online. A problem that could have been solved by a quick phone call to Melissa, of course, but I took it as a sign that I needed to de-net for a while. More updates to follow, there's some very bloggable stuff going on right now!

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