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Blog > Move to BZR coming along well

>> Move to BZR coming along well

Fri, Oct 17th 9:38am 2008: Linux

Much of my difficulty with switching from svn to bzr has been my own mental blockage, but thanks to the helpful folks on #bzr I'm getting past that now. Little nuggets of wisdom like spiv's suggestion to "think of it as 'pushing to the branch' rather than to the repo. Having a repo shared between multiple branches is essentially just an optimisation detail that doesn't affect behaviour" have been enough to rebase my mental processes and get things working well. Yesterday we had a dev team meeting to bring everyone up to speed on the conversion, and BZR-day is tonight: the SVN repos will go offline after 5pm, the trees will be moved over to BZR, and come Monday morning everyone will be doing "bzr ci" instead of "svn ci". Happy days! Not that SVN has been bad. On the contrary, it's served us extremely well over the years. It's just about time we moved on and started taking advantage of some of the mega coolness of a distributed revision control system.

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