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>> BZR breaking my mind

Fri, Oct 10th 9:56am 2008: Linux

BZR looks awesome. I just can't get my head around it. We've been using Subversion at IVT for years, and after so many thousands of commits my brain is so hard-wired into the SVN way of doing things that I just can't get it around the concepts of the BZR way. I desperately want to switch the dev team over to a distributed / patch-based revision control system to overcome some of the limitations of the SVN model, but it's proving harder than I thought. I've read all the "BZR for SVN users" tutorials, gone through all the repo structure guides, read every relevant blog post I can find, and I still can't get it working properly. I think I need an experienced BZR user sitting next to me to slap me upside the head every few minutes and tell me when I'm doing it wrong.

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