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>> Miranda Skerman to co-host SuperHouse

Fri, Sep 5th 9:04am 2008: SuperHouse

People use all sorts of strange images as their online profile picture, like on Facebook and MySpace, and in IM clients. Most people put a picture of their own face but others put in pictures of their pets, or their kids, or some celebrity or model that they like. It's pretty normal to be on a site like Facebook and see Brad Pitt or Linda Evangelista staring at you from the profile of a person who you *know* looks nothing like them. So it was quite mentally jarring recently to see a profile picture for Miranda Skerman and have the first reaction as "oh yeah, another substitute-a-model-for-me profile", then do a mental double-take, and think hang on, that really *is* what she looks like, not just what she wishes she looked like. Which is a roundabout way of coming to the point that Miranda has agreed to co-host the new TV show I'm putting together, SuperHouse. Woot!

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