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>> Disconnected from the intertubes

Fri, Sep 5th 8:49am 2008: Misc

For the first time in a long time my house is offline, and it's weird. I'd almost prefer to have the water disconnected, or the gas. Having webtone available 24x7 has become so natural to me it's like breathing, and having it taken away is totally disconcerting. A couple of weeks ago I was in Sydney working with Beyond Productions putting together a new TV show, and I had a similar experience: they gave me a bunch of Mac laptops to configure for the show, and I took them back to my hotel room one evening to set up but I kept coming across things that needed net access, like software packages that I didn't have locally, and the hotel I was at didn't have net access for guests - at all, for any price! Unbelievable. I'm so used to thinking of the internet as being part of my local storage that I often don't even bother having files on machines I work on. When every file I need anywhere in the world is a click or two away, why bother having it on your local disk?


Anyway, the actual reason for the discon-net-ion is that we're switching from a combination of Telstra for phone and iiNet for ADSL2+ to just a naked ADSL2+ connection with VoIP and Annex-M to improve upload speeds, and to make that happen we have to lose all services for about 2 weeks.


End result is a backlog of things I should have blogged about, but haven't been able to from home.

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