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>> Jondo the mandroid is RX-8 enabled

Sat, Jun 21st 2:20pm 2008: SuperHouse

Well, it's been a long time coming but *at* *last* I've got my hands on the car that was designed specifically for me. I've previously owned an RX2, 4 RX3s (one of which is still in a shed at my Mum's place), an RX5 (briefly, mainly as a donor car for parts), and an RX7. In early 2000 when I was talking about getting another RX7 Ann didn't like the idea because they're only a 2 seater, and she said that Mazda needed to build a 4 seater version. It was about that time that stories of the RX-EVOLV project started leaking out of Mazda, and I knew that if they ever actually built it I'd have to buy one. Stephen and Elspeth were kind enough to let me drive their RX-8 while I was up in Brisbane a little while ago, and about a month ago I started seriously looking for one. Mission accomplished, because now we have a new member of the family:

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