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>> Secret project progressing nicely

Thu, Jun 5th 9:15pm 2008: SuperHouse

Turns out I got my weeks stuffed up: after preparing a talk for phpMelb I discovered that the meeting is next Thursday, not today. Which is great, because there were two exciting deliveries today and so I get to play with new toys instead of doing a talk! The first package was one of these little babies, a Canon HV30: It's a compact little camera, but unlike a typical consumer camcorder it does high-definition widescreen at progressive 24 frames/second (1080i/24p, for those who care!) which is what you need for broadcast-quality footage. It also a lot of the manual controls you'd normally only find in professional gear - all for under $1200! Very sweet. This is what will become the "B" camera for my secret project, ie: the camera we take into nasty places like under the house and inside the ceiling. The primary camera will probably be a Sony HVR-Z1, but that hasn't arrived yet. The other package was a pair of radio mics. Only cheapies (good ones cost more than a camera!) but I did some quick testing tonight and the audio quality seems pretty good. They'll do for filming the pilot, at least, and we'll see what happens after that. Which reminds me: last week I went into a local specialist camera shop that has a decent range of quality video gear, and gave them a laundry list of gear that I wanted including the HV30, the HVR-Z1, radio mics, lighting, and other bits and pieces, and they couldn't give me prices on the spot so they said they'd call me back the next day with a good price. And they never called! You'd think that when someone walks in and says they want to buy $10k of gear they'd actually bother following it up, but apparently not.

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