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>> Proud moments as a father

Fri, May 30th 2:40pm 2008: Family

You know you're a geek (and probably raising geek kids) when a conversation with your then 4-year-old daughter goes something like this:

Amelia: (after glancing at my laptop keyboard for about 2 seconds) "Daddy, why are all the letters in the wrong places?"

Me: "It's a different way of arranging the letters so I can type faster and it doesn't hurt my fingers so much"

Amelia: (Immediately, without even thinking about it) "Except the M. That's still in the same place".

Yes, I know that the A is also in the same place on Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards, but just the fact that she spotted at a glance that the M was still in the Qwerty location on a Dvorak keyboard is pretty impressive at 4 years of age!

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