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>> Quickstart Guide to Google AdWords

Mon, Feb 25th 2:12pm 2008: Web Development

At CeBIT last year I grabbed a bunch of little booklets called "Insiders Guide to Google AdWords" from the Google stand, and since then we've been giving them away to interested customers. Then about a month ago in eBusiness News I did a story on the Google AdWords bid optimizer and offered to send readers the last few copies I had of Insiders Guide. The response was unbelievable. My last few copies were claimed within five minutes of eBusiness News going out, and I ended up with a spreadsheet of people who wanted it but missed out. "No problem," I thought, "I'll just get on the phone to the AdWords marketing team and grab some more copies. A box or two should do it." No such luck. It turns out that Insiders Guide is out of print, and the AdWords marketing team has no intention of producing more - which is a pity, because it's a useful little guide. Oh well, since I talk to a lot of people about online marketing and many of them want to try out AdWords, perhaps I could arrange to have extra copies printed at my expense if Google didn't have plans to produce more? "Absolutely not. It's Google copyright material and nobody else may reproduce it under any circumstances." Wow. So they don't want me helping to advertise their services and send them more customers by reproducing what is effectively their marketing material for them at my expense? OK, I can understand them wanting to protect their corporate image, but still! That left me in a pickle. Many of my customers are hassling me for a quickstart guide to AdWords, but Google won't let me use theirs. What's a guy to do? Write one myself, of course! So over the space of a couple of weeks I spent many late evenings writing "Quickstart Guide to Google AdWords", and now I'm happy to say it's all done so maybe I can start getting some sleep again. The first hard copies should arrive in Oz late this week or early next week but you can already order it online, and it should appear on and B&N and other random places once the Books In Print database does it's slow-as-a-snail update thing.

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