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Fri, Feb 8th 2:39pm 2008: IVT

We're currently part way through a massive office refit at Internet Vision Technologies, partly to improve the general work environment and partly to make better use of space since we moved all our hosting infrastructure offsite. As a result it's a disaster area at the moment. We've shoved *everything* into the back half of the building while the front is refitted, then we'll shift everything forward so the back half can be done. So I'm currently jammed into a corner under a bundle of ethernet and just working off my laptop: Likewise Antoine and Steve have desks that look like they're working in a war zone: And this is Andrew having a chat to Senior, with Luke's temporary desk just to the right: Matt probably has the best setup of all: he claimed the old boardroom table and set himself up on it near Neil and Dianne's desks: This morning a couple of the guys had a meeting with a client so they quickly assembled a temporary "meeting room" in the middle of the area where all the new desks will be assembled: Just behind that the table tennis table has also been set up temporarily, since it's been moved out of the back room to make space for desks and random junk: Looking into the new meeting room (with the larger boardroom beyond it) shows how it's starting to come together. Some time next week there will be a glass wall extending right along here to separate the meeting room and boardroom from the work area: So it's a total mess right now, but in a couple of weeks we'll have a shiny new office with that new-car smell :-)

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