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Fri, Jul 27th 5:54am 2007: Conferences

Doing presentations at a conference is a huge mental/emotional drain, and no matter how much I resolve that I'm going to be prepared well in advance I don't think I've ever in my life done a talk where the slides didn't have tweaks within the 2 hours or so prior to the talk itself. Most of the time the final tweaks are in the 5 minutes prior: after connecting the laptop to the projector, but before actually starting. So the moment at a conference where my last talk is finished is a huge relief. It signifies the time I can look at the conf program and actually figure out what sessions I want to see, instead of being stuck in a corner fretting. And now I'm finished. In Mark's famous words, I'm freeeeeeeeee! Lots of cool peeps here that I haven't seen for a while. Even Quinn turned up to do her body-modding talk - it wasn't on the original program, it seems she was pulled in to fill a slot.

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