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>> Feeling spaced-out at OSCON

Tue, Jul 24th 12:26pm 2007: Conferences

Well, I made it, and just in time. I turned up at the airport for my flight and got as far as checking in my luggage and being issued a boarding pass, only to find that the flight was cancelled because Melbourne was totally fogged in. The plane that was meant to be used for my flight had come down from Sydney and couldn't land so it turned around and headed back to Sydney again - I bet those passengers weren't happy campers! So the best United could do was tell me to go home and they'd let me know when they could arrange a seat on another flight. Next day they had a seat for me so off I went again, and about 26 hours of travelling later I made it to Portland just in time to check in, grab some sleep, and get up early to deliver my tutorial feeling like death warmed up: my tutorial started at 8:30am local time which put it at 3:30am Melbourne time. I think I was only lucid for about half of it but the participants were great and I think it still worked out OK in the end. I'm really hoping that the tutorial will just be the start of it for a bunch of people and we'll be able to get lots of code submissions, ideas, project descriptions and stuff up on the Real World / Second Life Integration site. I've already bumped into quite a few familiar faces and caught up with people I haven't seen for ages, but the nausea and universe-is-out-of-kilter feeling got the better of me so I popped off to the hotel again for a nap in the afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be sailing on an even keel.

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