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>> How to write a book in 2 hours

Sat, Jun 30th 11:03pm 2007: Writing

Well, not quite, but close! A while ago Neil Evenden (my Business Development Manager) came up with a plan to turn my first book into a 3-book series. His concept was that since the first book covered the business and process issues of having a website created for a business, it would be logical to follow on with a sequel that talks about growing an existing website into a thriving online business. Then a third book could go even further again, and cover deep integration of online tools with internal business processes. The first book was called "How To Build A Website And Stay Sane" so the obvious title for the second one is "How To Grow Your eBusiness And Stay Sane". Tonight I wanted to take a bit of a break from the Second Life book I'm working on, so I thought I'd see just what would be involved in putting together Grow Your eBusiness. Rough out a structure, see what material I'd need, that sort of thing. Just get a feel for how it might come together. So I created a skeleton and started trawling through previous articles from Jon Oxer's eBusiness News to see if there was any material I could repurpose, and after a couple of hours of copy/paste and some initial trimming I had 154,000 words compiled! Amazing. 2 hours work and it's further progressed than the Second Life book I've been working on for a couple of months. If you don't count all the time spent writing those articles in the first place, of course ;-)

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