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Blog > Day-trip to Brisbane without leaving the airport

>> Day-trip to Brisbane without leaving the airport

Thu, Jun 14th 10:25am 2007: Web Development

Yesterday was quite a day: up at 3:30am, early flight to Brisbane (watched the sunrise on the flight up), a day in a workshop with Brisbane Airport Corporation operations and security staff going over some of their internal processes, then onto a flight back to Melbourne (watched the sunset on the flight back). It's actually pretty convenient to visit clients that happen to run an airport. The flight destination *is* the trip destination! Even better when it's for an interesting project and the client's staff are very focused and switched-on. Workshops examining business processes generally tend to drift off into minutia and bikeshedding, but that didn't happen with BAC at all. Smart people + time pressure + a specific required outcome = productive meeting. I'd love to tell more about the project, but then I'd have to kill everyone that reads this blog. Or maybe just myself. Either way, it's not a desired outcome.

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