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>> Speakers for Debian Miniconf 6?

Sat, Jan 13th 2:57pm 2007: Conferences Speakers for Debian Miniconf 6?

Just before LCA2005 I had a nightmare. In the nightmare I got up at the start of the Debian Miniconf, thanked everybody for coming, and then realised I'd forgotten to arrange any speakers. 100 expectant faces, 2 days with a totally empty program, and wanting the floor to swallow me up. I've managed to avoid that fate for every Debian Miniconf so far, but with Miniconf 6 just a couple of days away I still have big holes in the second day of the program. I've asked, begged, cajoled, and threatened, but it looks like I may have to do about 4 hours of talks myself. Not that I'm averse to that sort of thing but it'd be more interesting if there was some variety! Actually, I've just realised the problem. Every year previously I've used the standard threat of doing a talk about making truffles and building picket fences if I didn't get enough speakers, but this year I'm actually including a picket fence in my talk in the main conference (really!) so I didn't roll out that threat. Doh! Maybe we should use the spare time for a mini Debcamp? Or just wing it and see if people are inspired at the last minute? The Mini Distro Summit thingie could create a lot of spin-off topics, that's for sure. In any case it'll be a rocking miniconf so come along and see what mystery speakers will be appearing! Of course offers of talks will be read with a great deal of interest ;-)

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