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>> What I did in the holidays, part 1

Sun, Dec 31st 10:49pm 2006: DIY

Converted an antique dresser base into a vanity

We're doing some renovations at home at the moment including converting the bathroom in the flat into a combined laundry / toilet (since the old laundry has been subsumed by the new bathroom, but that's another installment!) and we needed a vanity for it. Ann found a dresser base in an antique shop but it was too high so yesterday my Dad and I did a bit of plastic surgery: we removed the top and the surrounding frame, cut down the body to remove the top row of drawers, and reattached the top. What you can see is the post-surgery version: originally it had three full-width drawers and a pair of half-width drawers. That actually would have made it the perfect height for me, but the rest of the family would need a chair to wash their hands!

Ann managed to get hold of the very last stock in Australia of a certain rare Kohler vessel basin and we've mounted it in the top but none of the plumbing has been done yet. I still need to modify the top drawer by partitioning it and cutting a section out of the rear center to clear the waste outlet from the basin, then the plumber can come in and fit the taps, outlet and waste.

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