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Tue, Jan 16th 10:59pm 2001: Family Marriage and Death

Well, it's been a very mixed couple of days for me. Yesterday my sister Jacinda got married, which is one of the happiest things ever for me. There are a whole lot of different factors that made it really special: quite apart from the fact that I love my sister and it was great to see her so happy, the actual wedding and reception was in the same venue as where Ann and I had our wedding reception 3 years ago. And Ann was a bridesmaid for Jacinda, and our daughter Amelia was the flowergirl, so it was a pretty cool event. Jacinda's fiance, Ed, broke his leg 4 weeks ago in a motorcycle accident (if you can call it that: the bike was turned off, and he was rolling it at maybe 5km/h when it fell on his leg!) so he was on crutches for the wedding. Then when he was doing his speech he got up and did it like an awards acceptance speech and thanked his mum, the bridesmaids,... and Maroondah Hospital ;-)

It was pretty funny.

But it was also a really bad day for me because about lunch time Dan and Ian, a couple of my friends, were out for a casual bike ride in the sunshine when something went wrong and Dan ran off the road. He was unconscious when Ian got to him, and died a short time later as he was being transported to a local oval where the air ambulance could land.

My sister knew he'd been in an accident, but didn't know he'd died. We had to spend the evening at the reception trying to keep up the party spirit and sidestep questions about Dan by saying we were waiting for more information, which was one of the hardest things ever when I just wanted to go off somewhere and cry.

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