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>> I've just been eBay-scammed

Wed, Dec 13th 8:41pm 2006: Bad People

Scumsucking parasite. I won an auction for a Nokia e61 a few days ago and after the auction I got in touch to arrange payment. The item was listed in Melbourne so I said I could collect it personally, but they said it ships from their store in Tasmania so it would have to be posted. Warning sign #1, which I ignored. So I transferred funds to them (yes, I'm an idiot) and haven't heard a single thing since. They've stopped replying to email entirely. Warning sign #2. At least I'd started to figure something was up by this point. Tonight I logged in to eBay to see if anything had changed and noticed the user ("bonny_4_life") is now listed as "no longer a registered user". Oh crap. So I started digging deeper, and in retrospect the user's feedback profile is *really* suspicious. The user has only been registered for 2 weeks, but even more odd is that there are 12 feedback entries and many of them are from duplicate users. For example, user "$1clearance" left them 5 feedback entries for different items and 3 of them were in the same minute, but with quite different text in each. If those had been real transactions then $1clearance would probably have just written the same thing in for each item. Just submitting 3 feedback items with different text in 60 seconds wouldn't be easy: you'd need to have canned responses ready to copy-n-paste, which indicates this is a well organised scam involving multiple people (or multiple accounts controlled by one person) which artificially boost feedback ratings with fake entries. Which means that eBay users "$1clearance" and "zacandcorey" are probably scammers as well, if not actually the same person as "bonny_4_life". The email address that bonny_4_life used to contact me was "". It looks like Chilli has iBurst coverage in most Australian capital cities, so I can't narrow their actual location down much further. The originating machine that sent me the email was and identified itself to as "leecompter1", but tracing back ends in Sydney at the link from to Chilli. Are they really located in Sydney? Or Melbourne? Or Tasmania? Only Chilli's billing records know for sure.

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