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>> Behind the scenes at the Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre

Sun, Feb 17th 6:20pm 2013 >>

The Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre at Mt Stromlo has developed into an amazing facility, with both excellent physical infrastructure and very smart and experienced staff. Much of the new infrastructure has been built for Australia's part of the Giant Magellan Telescope project, but it also has spin-off benefits that hopefully will spearhead a revival in Australian space technology capabilities and industry. While I was in Canberra for the 2013 conference I was lucky enough to be given a behind-the-scenes tour led by Dr Naomi Mathers and Roger Franzen.

These facilities may be used for future ArduSat missions, including as a ground station for communications with the satellites and possibly for integration testing.

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>> Walktime Blog #30: Tour of Canberra hackerspace Make Hack Void

Thu, Feb 14th 8:48am 2013 >> Walktime

The very nice folk at Make Hack Void (the Canberra hackerspace) were very accomodating to all the extra geeks in town for 2013. Not only was the hackerspace open days and evenings during the conference, but they also ran a "Makerconf" event on the Saturday right after LCA ended.

This is a bit of a random look around the current Make Hack Void premises on a busy night when a bunch of LCA delegates were visiting. Unfortunately this building may soon succumb to a bulldozer, so MHV are now looking for an alternative location.

Sorry about the dodgy phone-camera recording. I really need to upgrade myself to a proper camera for things like this.

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>> Walktime Blog #29: Arduino Miniconf 2013 assembly session

Tue, Feb 12th 8:46am 2013 >> Walktime

The assembly project for the 2013 Arduino Miniconf was "HackCNC", a CNC plotter designed (mechanicals) by John Spencer and (electronics) by Luke Weston, with software development lead by Bob Powers. For more info about HackCNC and the Arduino Miniconf see

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