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Electric curtains

Electric curtains are awesome. When you first hear about them you think they'd be a total waste of time. I mean, how hard is it to open and close curtains? Just walk over and do it, right?

Sure, just like you walk over to change the channel on your TV. Not! Once you have electric curtains you realise how cool they really are.

The photo shows the motor attached to the curtain track, with wires for power and to connect the controller. This particular system has a control box on the wall with buttons for open, close, and stop, and an IR receiver so they can be controlled by a hand-held remote. They're not really intended to be connected to a centralised automation system, but it's dead easy to do: just pull open the control box, find the connections to the open and close buttons, and cable it up with a couple of relays. Trigger the relays from a computer and voila! Automatic curtains. Then in software you can do stuff like have them close automatically at dusk and open in the morning (except on weekends, when you need a bit of extra shut-eye).